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Interview With Mostafa Hatamian


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About Mostafa Hatamian

Mostafa Hatamian was born in Bandar Lengeh on August 8, 1984. His professional career 2008 began. His body of work consists of over 32 songs in 3 albums and 10 single track and 7 video.

He officially entered the field of singing in 2008 and released albums called Entezar, Barzakh, Taghdir and several other singles.

He became famous in 2010 by singing the song Taghdir with Marjan Kandi.

The first song released by him in 2008 was called Pasoor and his last song in 2014 was called "Eshtebah Az Man Bood" with Samira Naghshbandi.

Mostafa Hatamian has conducted an interview with Radio Farda in the program Negah Tazeh, which is broadcast on Radio Farda and can be viewed on the Radio Farda website.